Since I have over 10 years experience in business and HR in particular, I provide consultation and coaching sessions in HR and all issues regarding work in general, namely:

- professional identity searching and "finding my own path" (what I want to do? do I want this job/enjoy current role?)
- career development (what is my direction? how to get promotion?)
- assistance with job search (how and where to search), recommendations on CV, interviewing
- motivation and emotional burnout issues (lack of inspiration / fear of losing your job)
- conflicts with your manager / subordinates / colleagues (who is guilty and what to do?)
- the whole range of relations with money (how am I valued, how much do I want to earn? why I did not get a salary raise? what to do to reach the desired amount?)
- managers counselling in all difficulties and advising on development of all HR processes (hiring / dismissal, adaptation, training and development, evaluation, retention, etc.).
- counselling of HR specialists (in all processes, development and promotion issues, burn out etc.).

I am sure that work is a passion first of all. If you are not excited at your work place, so you do it against your wishes, or with the wrong people or in the wrong place;)

Here you’ll be supported, heard, provided with feedback, inspired and motivated!

The cost of 1 consultation – 30$