My name is Tetiana Kozarchuk (Fomina) and I’m a psychologist and certified psychotherapist practicing in gestalt approach.

I am experienced in dealing with: crisis, trauma, family and interpersonal problems, difficulties of choice and identity as well as psychosomatic disorders. In addition, I provide consulting in business settings working with organizations and leaders, both in individual and group formats. 

I’ve as well been through difficult, unbearable situations many times. Pain of loss, despair, fear, sadness and many other genuine human feelings are well known to me. And most importantly, I realized that everything in life is possible to overcome if there is a chance to share my feelings with others: friend, relative or professional psychologist. With people whom I trust deeply and may rely on.
My work is my life. Each person I treat as a unique individual with their own destiny and story, and not as a set of problems or symptoms. With each of my clients I'm ready to go on their journey together. For someone it’s a difficult period in their life, for others it's finding ways to deal with people. But above all it’s a way for them to find the right path to their own desires and feelings.

You are invited to contact me and take the steps to change your life for the better!