What is psychotherapy and how it differs from counseling?

Psychotherapy - a deep and long-term work, based on exploring of ways of thinking, behavior patterns, emotional sphere of client. Main components of treatment are awareness and feelings, and as a result – getting a new experience of interaction in contact, reactivating ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them. This is why therapy leads to a more broad and sustainable changes in the lives of clients.
In addition, the therapy restores (or acquires) the ability to be alive and happy, living life at its fullness.
Furious pace of metropolis, information overload annoying and exhausting. In constant legwork for career desires and imposed other we often forget what we really want - what activities to do, whom to live with, whom to love, etc. Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to stop, listen and hear themselves and start living your own wonderful life.

Counseling professional help in finding the best solution of his particular problem. Typically, this format is limited to a small number of meetings.
The cost of one consultation – 30$ (50 min)

Skype format is also availible