Since school, I wanted to work with people and I was fond of psychology. My professional path I started 10 years ago in business as HR consultant. In parallel, I’ve consulted private clients and already for a long time have my own psychotherapy practice.
My education:

  • National Pedagogical University, specialty "Biology-Psychology"
  • Kyiv International University, specialty "Administrative Management"
  • Moscow Gestalt Institute, "Gestalt therapy" (5 years course). Certified Gestalt therapist
  • "Psychosomatic disorders in clinical gestalt therapy"
  • "Organizational consultancy in Gestalt approach"

But frankly, most of the knowledge and experience I acquire from people around me - my family, friends, colleagues, managers, clients, trainers, supervisors. Certainly, they are the best teachers and mentors.
Also, I have my own long-term individual and group therapy, get regular supervision, visit intervisory and supervisory groups, professional conferences etc .
Having my own client experience in psychotherapy, I understand how unbearable and difficult to meet with painful experiences. I’m sure - psychotherapy works and restores the taste for life, helping to understand their own resources and limitations, take responsibility, be able to risk and make choices.

Excellent education, experience and continuous improvement and development give me the right to insure my clients a professional psychological help.